Jake Stretch

chochbein_0323_november-13-2016From Shaler Township, outside of Pittsburgh, comes drummer Jake Stretch. At the age of six he started to play drums, eventually going on to begin performing in various local rock bands, most notably with his high school band Restricted Highways. During the duration of RH’s career, Jake played both the role of drummer and of manager, orchestrating rehearsals, booking gigs, operation social media, and booking studio hours. During this time Jake also began to develop an affinity for recording, building a soundproof home studio in his basement and beginning to amass a collection of recording gear.

By the time Jake began college, he had established himself as a hard-hitter, laying down fat grooves with as much ferocity as possible, aiming to entertain the audience while sitting behind his drums. He draws most of his influence from drummers John Bonham, Travis Barker, Tre Cool, Chad Smith, and Matt Halpern, as well as many great jazz and funk players. Currently, Jake has been immersed in his new band Chase and the Barons, the first group he feels truly represents his musical voice. Utilizing a collection of zaney percussion pieces alongside his drums, he aims to add a large variety of musical texture to the band.