Chase Barron

chochbein_0304_november-13-2016The titular Chase Barron currently sings and plays guitar in “Chase and the Barons” and has been writing songs for nearly a decade.  His major influences include intriguing frontmen from Billie Joe Armstrong to David Byrne, soulful guitar players from John Mayer to Buckethead, and genuine songwriters from George Harrison to Jack Johnson

Growing up in rural PA, Chase Barron explored piano, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, percussion, and more.  He also found himself at the top of the Guitar Hero III leaderboards… but those days are over now.

He met his current bandmates while recording an album in his drummer Jake Stretch’s basement-studio and after spending a summer in the studio together, literally sleeping on the floor, Chase Barron and his new acquaintances went all in on “Chase and the Barons.”  His linear vision now seeks success by means of spreading music, positivity, and unforgettable experiences with the world.  “Let’s boogie.”