Who are the Barons?

chochbein_0307_november-13-2016CHASE BARRON

The titular Chase Barron currently sings and plays guitar in “Chase and the Barons” and has been writing songs for nearly a decade.  His major influences include intriguing frontmen from Billie Joe Armstrong to David Byrne, soulful guitar players from John Mayer to Buckethead, and genuine songwriters from George Harrison to Jack Johnson

Growing up in rural PA, Chase Barron explored piano, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, percussion, and more.  He also found himself at the top of the Guitar Hero III leaderboards… but those days are over now. 

He met his current bandmates while recording an album in his drummer Jake Stretch’s basement-studio and after spending a summer in the studio together, literally sleeping on the floor, Chase Barron and his new acquaintances went all in on “Chase and the Barons.”  His linear vision now seeks success by means of spreading music, positivity, and unforgettable experiences with the world.  “Let’s boogie.”

chochbein_0323_november-13-2016JAKE STRETCH

From Shaler Township, outside of Pittsburgh, comes drummer Jake Stretch. At the age of six he started to play drums, eventually going on to begin performing in various local rock bands, most notably with his high school band Restricted Highways. During the duration of RH’s career, Jake played both the role of drummer and of manager, orchestrating rehearsals, booking gigs, operation social media, and booking studio hours. During this time Jake also began to develop an affinity for recording, building a soundproof home studio in his basement and beginning to amass a collection of recording gear.

By the time Jake began college, he had established himself as a hard-hitter, laying down fat grooves with as much ferocity as possible, aiming to entertain the audience while sitting behind his drums. He draws most of his influence from drummers John Bonham, Travis Barker, Tre Cool, Chad Smith, and Matt Halpern, as well as many great jazz and funk players. Currently, Jake has been immersed in his new band Chase and the Barons, the first group he feels truly represents his musical voice. Utilizing a collection of zaney percussion pieces alongside his drums, he aims to add a large variety of musical texture to the band.

chochbein_0335_november-13-2016JACOB RIEGER

Coming in at 5’5″ and 140 pounds is Jacob Rieger bassist of “Chase and the Barons.”  Growing up in a musical family there was always an instrument around to be played.  Eventually Rieger stumbled across the bass guitar and the groove could not lie, he was destined to be a bassist.  Effortlessly hiding in the background while playing sick nasty grooves, Rieger in accompaniment with the rest of the Barons will have you dancing and grooving like there’s no mañana.

MICHAEL SAUNDERSchochbein_0327_november-13-2016

Since he started playing guitar at the age of 11, Saunders has come to be passionate about styles of music that push the textural possibilities. A local guitar teacher in the North Hills, Bud Breitenbach, introduced him to the guitar and inspired him. His approach to music is heavily influenced by the intricate melodies and harmonic ideas presented by bebop musicians and the soulful grooves of James Brown and other like-minded acts of the 60’s and 70’s. Prior to the formation of Chase and the Barons, he played in a progressive rock band with Jake Rieger and Jake Stretch.  Saunders states that he plays music to advocate harmony and empathy in his community.

chochbein_0309_november-13-2016TYLER HANDYSIDE

Tyler started playing the saxophone at the age of 9.  His love for the instrument and for music in general blossomed in high school where he was exposed to new playing experiences and increased interest in new music.  Tyler has studied with well-known saxophone teachers in the Pittsburgh area, and currently studies music at Duquesne University.  His love of the instrument naturally grew from the study of jazz icons such as Charlie Parker, Hank Mobley, and Joe Henderson, but Tyler loves playing any style of music, from jazz settings to alternative rock to intimate acoustic environments.