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Pgh City Paper feature available now!

That’s right! If you’re in the Pittsburgh area you can grab a FREE copy of the City Paper to learn the juicy details behind this band of dashing young lads. If you can’t make it to the ‘burgh, you can read the article online by clicking the photo below.

City Paper Graphic

We are honored to be featured in the paper following our recent success at the Face the Music Battle of the Bands contest. Charlie Deitch‘s well-written article explores the band’s beginnings, their current lifestyles, and their future plans (including some upcoming shows). The article dives deep into our humanitarian motivations, our big dreams, and our (sometimes overly) relentless work-ethic. The groovy photos were taken by Jake Mysliwczyk.


We were also honored to be featured in select paper boxes just above a snowman drinking responsibly. Wish he was sippin’ a better brew but nevertheless, we welcome the holiday seasons with cheer, beer, and high hopes to keep this momentum rolling. We cannot wait to share more with yinz about our upcoming releases.

Stay tuned and keep groovin‘.

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