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Ruckus recordings are coming 1/14… brace yourselves.

The Woodland Ruckus.

We never knew what to expect.

Last summer, we ambitiously decided to host a week-long recording session in Chase’s cabin in the woods in the middle-of-nowhere, Wishaw, PA.  It became known as the Woodland Ruckus.  It was a week of madness, good times, groovy tunes, and much more.  We coincidentally chose to record in the wild during the hottest week of the summer.  We went without any running water, without any electricity at times, without much sleep, without much cell reception, but with plenty of hope and sweat.

It was just us, our instruments, a keg or two, and Jake’s home studio which we somehow managed to pack into 5 vehicles and transport over 2 hours from home base in Pittsburgh… we also had a PS2 equipped with Battlefront but that’s a story for another day.  The camp took on a whole new life with 5 loud Barons beneaeth it’s wooden framework.  With the assistance of Chase’s hometown friends and family who graciously fed us from time to time, allowed us to bathe in their pools, and made ‘supply’ runs for us while we nonstop worked for a week we survived.

We now havewoodland-ruckus-concert-promo 16 tracks to prove it… we also have an infinite slew of video footage that we’re trying to share with you… we just need to sift through all the inappropriateness… and don’t even think about challenging us to a game of Kan-Jam because we became legends during the downtime and power-outages that occurred that week.

The week of recording ended with  a groovy concert on Saturday the 13th at the Kolar Party Barn featuring the acoustic phenominon Gabe Reed and the DJ prodigy known as Rozzco. We threw frisbees, played games, and had some delicous barbecue catered by a lotogethercal food truck. People of all ages, demographics, ethnicities, and so-on grooved , dissolved boundaries, and had the night of a lifetime.

But now…

Now it is time for the Ruckus to be revived.

We are happy to announce that the first song from the Woodland Ruckus recording session is launching next Saturday the 14th. Get your ears and eyes ready for radical new tunes accompanied by a wild video of us recording in Chase’s cabin.


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