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SOUL TRAIN – Musicalidades III

We are more than hyped to be playing at this stellar event.

11411825_1605280113083266_7002820814656055334_oThe dudes behind the “Our Rhythm” documentary have reached out to us asking us to perform at their upcoming fundraiser.

Following text from the official Facebook event…

In such turbulent time, the role of music becomes more essential than ever. As a reponse to the moment we find ourselves, Musicaliades III is coming even stronger with a purpose: to celebrate cultural understanding and diversity through MUSIC.


Musicalidades III will be, once again, the gathering of different cultures and people celebrating diversity through music. Featuring performances by local, African, Cuban and Brazilian artists. Music, dance, traditional African and Caribbean food and human interaction will be the driving force of “Musicalidades III”.

This will be a space to unite all people and to celebrate dignity of human life though music.

The theme for Musicalidades III is SOUL TRAIN.


Chase and the Barons
Jacquae Mae
David Edmunds
Yo Mama Samba
and more…

(If you dress up 70s will get 3 dollars off in the entrance)


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